How to be an Antiracist – Chapter 10 – White


Anti-White Racist:  One who is classifying people of European descent as biologically, culturally, or behaviorally inferior or conflating the entire race of White people with racist power.

Food for Thought Chapter 10 

  • Black people can be racist against white people. Page 128
  • Antiracist must understand the difference between racist power and white people in general. 130
  • Hating white people turns to hate the black people, which continues the vicious cycle. 131

Break out group discussion: What were the key points in this chapter for you?   What is the difference between racist power and white people in general?  How has white privilege benefited you?   Discuss the knowledge retention test questions.

Knowledge Retention Test/ True/ False

  1.  George Bush was the first person to be declared the winner of the 2000 presidential election.
  2. White racism should be attributed to white individuals.
  3. Black people can be racist towards white people. 
  4. The beliefs of white nationalist hurt white people.
  5. To be anti- white is to be racist.

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