Holy Week Services Livestreamed via Website & Facebook Live

Holy Week Services Livestreamed via Website & Facebook Live

Dear Friend,

Easter seems different this year. It seems that our “tomb time” has lasted for more than three days. And yet we are not the first who have gone through long periods of not knowing, waiting, hoping and keeping the faith until Resurrection Day. Just like those who have gone before us, we too have all the power, courage, and faith we need to experience our own Easter Day.

The Easter story is more than an account of the three days from the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday to His Resurrection on the following Sunday. In essence, Easter represents the transition of human consciousness from the perception of being strictly physical beings into that of our spiritual inheritance.

Through the experience of Jesus, humankind is enlightened to the Truth that life is eternal. The Spirit of God residing within each of us allows us to rise above and overcome all that prevents us from experiencing our higher good.

During this time, we are blessed to have livestreaming so that we can come together virtually and celebrate this Easter Season. With livestreaming we experience the celebration and praise to the Christ Spirit, which is divinely inherited by all people. In One we live, and through Oneness we realize Our Glory.

During this challenging time, we invite you to make a financial gift to Unity Minneapolis through our website or by texting GIVE2UNITY to 77977. You are important to us, and we want to provide all the services you deserve.

Our Holy Week Services will be livestreamed via our website and Facebook Live.

Love and Blessings,