Upcoming – Healing Goddess Workshops

Upcoming – Healing Goddess Workshops

Sunday | August 9 & 23 | 11 AM- 12:30 PM CT | Via Zoom

Part 1: August 9 – Healing Goddess Manifestations
This workshop covers the evolution of the divine feminine as a healing force.  Questions to be explored include the following. Why is healing associated with the divine feminine?  Why is the Healing Goddess often associated with the earth and vegetation?  Why is there an association with experiences such as child birth, the healing arts, and prophecy? Why is there an association with guiding souls to the underworld, magic potions, and other mysteries?  What do symbols such as snakes and the moon represent?  How is the Virgin Mary a manifestation of the Healing Goddess? Cultures to be explored include ancient Hebrew, Greek, Sumerian, Inuit, Celtic, Dakota, Sami and Yoruba. 

Part 2: August 23 – Experiencing the Healing Goddess
This workshop covers methods used to access the energy of the Healing Goddess in various cultures.  Methods covered include singing, drumming, prayer, dance, rituals, and the use of medicinal plants.  We will show examples from selected cultures.  These include singing from the Arctic culture of the Sami, ancient poetry, herbal healing used by Native American peoples, and the Tammurriata – A folk dance of the south of Italy with roots in the cult of the Goddess Diana.

Suggested Love Offering: $20 for each workshop

Facilitated by Marie and John Pettingill