Healing Dis-Ease from the Inside Out

Healing Dis-Ease from the Inside Out

5 Thursday evenings | August 9 – September 6 | 7-8:30 PM


These classes are based on the work of Dr. Bernie Siegel, an internationally recognized expert in the area of the relationships between mind, body, emotions, and spirituality.

We will use two of Dr. Siegel’s books as texts: “Love, Medicine and Miracles” and “Peace, Love and Healing.” Rev. Phil says, “These are the best books on healing I’ve ever read.”


The principles we will discuss are:

  • There is just one Presence and one Power in the Universe, and that power is God or Spirit, within us.
  • There is no power in illness.
  • The most important work to do in healing is to uncover and resolve inner conflict (lack of ease).
  • In healing, the number one goal is inner peace.

In these classes you will have the opportunity to learn the healing importance of:

  • Self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance
  • Learning to express all emotions
  • Joy and laughter
  • Releasing the need for the approval of others
  • Being authentic and releasing the need to have an “act”
  • Giving and receiving love and being connected to others
  • Forgiveness of self and others
Aug. 9: What It Means to Heal From the Inside Out
Aug. 16: Emotions and Healing
Aug 23: Art Therapy and Healing (with Rev. Lura Smedstad)
Aug. 30: Loving Ourselves and Healing
Sept. 6: The Gifts that Illness Can Bring

$10 suggested love offering per night or $50 for the series.

Led by Rev. Phil Smedstad
Rev. Phil has taught hundreds of classes in how to make our spirituality practical. He always teaches with acceptance, a depth of knowledge, compassion, and a sense of humor.