Your Legacy of Love can keep Unity Minneapolis flourishing indefinitely into the future!

Unity Minneapolis has recently passed the 100 year century mark.  Many, many people have been a part of this wonderful spiritual community and with its past and its present, Unity Minneapolis is what it is today.

Thinking about its future, it is today’s participants of Unity Minneapolis that will create it’s legacy for tomorrow. In addition to your love and involvement in our spiritual community, Legacy of Love is a program which enables you to leave a financial gift at the time of your transition (passing). It is a planned giving program that enables you to give a gift that will sustain Unity Minneapolis for many years to come.

Unity Minneapolis Endowment Fund

Unity Minneapolis has established an Endowment Fund in which the principal is untouchable and not expendable. The purpose of this fund is to receive, hold, and manage contributions of cash, property, and other financial and tangible assets that are received through our Legacy of Love program. Contributions will be pooled for investment purposes, in order to provide a stable income stream to support Unity Minneapolis.

An endowment is a commitment to the future of Unity Minneapolis and blesses the church in tangible ways that can be seen for years. An endowment is a way for donors to feel that they are providing an important, sustaining impact on the present and futureability of the church to meet the needs of the community it serves.

Legacy of Love—A Promise for the Future

Through careful planning, we can ensure that future generations of our Unity Minneapolis family will experience and share that which we have enjoyed and valued. We can promise continuity and a legacy that will sustain the mission and vision of Unity Minneapolis for many generations.

You have the opportunity to reach out and touch the lives of others who live in a time beyond your lifetime.

You are giving the gifts of joy, peace, love and compassion to all those who may follow in your footsteps here at Unity Minneapolis.

Unity Minneapolis has changed my life in so many wonderful ways! Recently I prepared my will. When I make my transition, I will be giving money to this wonderful church to continue its mission of transforming lives, just as my life has been transformed.

Change of Beneficiary Form

For your convenience, we have created a Change of Beneficiary Form. Simply print this form, fill it out, and it can be used to provide instructions to whomever your financial advisor may be.

Next Steps

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  2. Download the Legacy of Love Brochure
  3. Download Change of Beneficiary Form