Usher Ministry

About This Ministry

Ushers create a supportive, distraction free atmosphere and through fulfilling their role help to ensure a welcoming, safe and meaningful worship experience at Unity Minneapolis.

Ushers interact with all the congregants on a Sunday morning in several ways. They greet people as they enter the Sanctuary, providing them with a bulletin and handouts. They assist people in finding seats, keeping the flow of movement into the sanctuary steady and comfortable.

During the service, they engage in a number of activities, including giving flowers and welcome packets to those who are new to our church, collecting the offering, and then being present as people leave.

After the service, ushers prepare the Sanctuary for the next service, picking up and cleaning where necessary.

These are the primary duties of the ushers, and yet most importantly, ushers offer a welcoming smile, an invitation to be at peace, and a silent affirmation that we are all One. Through actions and consciousness, ushers express very clearly to each individual, that no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at Unity Minneapolis.

Requirements for this Ministry

There four ushers scheduled for each service. Each team will include at least one Head Usher.

Specific requirements are:

  • Arrive one-half hour before the service.
  • Stay after the service until all duties have been completed.
  • Attend annual training sessions for ushers.
  • Review the training manual periodically.

Sunday Services Information

Celebration Services

10:00 AM CT

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Youth & Family Ministry

10:00 AM CT – Children up to age 5 in the Nursery

10:00 AM CT – Nursery & Y.E.S. In Person
10:00 AM CT – Uniteens & Y.O.U. In-Person & Zoom

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