prayerchap02b-300x199Our Prayer Chaplain Program offers our spiritual community an expanded pastoral care team.
Prayer Chaplains join our ministry team in holding a vision of wholeness for each person in the community and offering one-on-one prayer for all who desire it.

In everything they do, Prayer Chaplains are trained to do four things:

  • Hold Sacred Space
  • Listen with Ears of Their Hearts
  • Pray Out Loud
  • Hold What Has Been Said in Strict Confidence

In support of our mission and vision, we are committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort, and support to all members of our congregation. The Prayer Chaplain Program offers our spiritual community an expanded pastoral care team. One or two people cannot reach all members of our community. We feel it is important to offer one-on-one prayer for all those who wish to participate. As we grow into prayer consciousness, so does our community.

What Do Prayer Chaplains Do?

The most important thing that Prayer Chaplains do is hold a consciousness of prayer for our community. Prayer chaplains are trained to hold sacred space, listen with the ears of their hearts, pray aloud with anyone who asks for prayer, and hold the prayer requests in the strictest of confidence.


At each Sunday morning worship service and the Tuesday evening Healing Circle, as well as other special services throughout the year, Prayer Chaplains arrive early and hold the sacredness of the space. They are available before and after the service for personal confidential prayer.

Wellness Calling

All members of Unity Minneapolis are paired with a prayer chaplain. Prayer Chaplains call their membership list every month to offer prayer support.

If you have any questions or would like to request prayer, you can contact the prayer chaplain confidential line at 763-521-4793 ext. 44, Rev. Jeanette Byington at or 763-521 4793, ext. 33, or speak directly with a prayer chaplain at any worship service.