Inclusion and Accessibility Ministry (I AM)

IAM-LogoMission Statement:
In the consciousness of the I AM, we are committed to raising the consciousness around Inclusion and Accessibility issues within our community of worship, education and social expression by developing and demonstrating protocols of response through communication with the Director of Sacred Services and other ministries as identified.

Vision Statement:
All who encounter Unity Minneapolis through worship, education, or social expression experience an inclusive accessibility, feel limitless in their ability to participate at the level of their choice thereby reaching their greatest and highest potential.

What is the I AM Ministry about?

  • The Inclusion & Accessibility Ministry, or I AM, was born out the Accessibility Committee. It was their desire to have more information and direction available to other ministries and to the congregation as a whole with regard to people with disabilities and proper etiquette around them.
  • I AM’s goal has more to do with increasing one’s awareness and one’s comfort zone around the subjects of disability and inclusivity.
  • People are people first, regardless of any impairment that may have the appearance of limitations for them. There is no ONE way to act or interact with another just as there is no ONE way of describing a condition or person who deals with conditions that may impair their mobility, cognition, sight, hearing, etc.
  • What we have done is review the information available to develop some tips that may help us all become more aware of barriers in our attitudes or actions; in our home or place of worship; in our work-place or in our community. We do not want to impose a specific way of addressing others or interacting, but rather want to help people open up to what they already know within them.
  • We are here to dialogue with you. We are here to listen to your questions and, hopefully, have some delightful answers for you. We encourage feedback from people’s personal experiences that can assist us in our mission.
  • As the need arises, we are here to develop more specific trainings for other ministries.

I AM Ministry & Unity Minneapolis

The sign greeting visitors to our spiritual community lets people know that wherever they are on their spiritual journey they are welcome here. In order to be fully welcoming the facilities and activities of Unity Minneapolis must be easily accessible to all. Our leadership is excited to make our spiritual home an experience that is inclusive to all and a place where all feel welcome.