We are a spiritual community dedicated to the recognition and expression of divine health, wholeness and wellness in our members. Unity’s Healing Ministry facilitates and supports the emergence and acceptance of wholeness, the divine nature of all.

Serving One Another

The vision of the Healing Ministry is to facilitate healing by the flow of energy through the power of grace.

As facilitators of healing, our services represent our commitment to support the emergence and acceptance of the wholeness that Spirit intends for us by applying Unity’s principles of healing.

These services are offered as a gift to our community; no fees are charged. Your love offerings will be gratefully accepted and will support the work of the Healing Ministry and Unity Minneapolis.

Healing ServiceMonthly Healing Services

The Healing Service, held the first Tuesday of each month from 7-8 PM in the Fillmore Room, opens with healing sound, prayer, and meditation. The healing facilitators for that evening stand by their chairs. When a recipient is ready, the person chooses an open chair and sits down to receive a 10-minute personal healing session. The healing facilitator privately asks the person if there is a specific healing need. During the healing sessions, everyone else present supports the healing intention through meditation and joining in toning, chanting, and healing songs.

Everyone is invited to remain for the whole service, even after receiving a private healing session, to help support the service.

Recipients of healing services are invited to maintain a receptive attitude and are always in charge of their healing sessions. Anyone attending the service may have a variety of experiences, such as a sense of well-being, connection with Spirit, relief of symptoms, feelings of warmth, subtle movements, tingling, emotions, and gentle relaxation.

Healing_0029 Healing_0028Quarterly “Meet the Healers”

Four times a year, the Healing Ministry members have a “Meet the Healers” event after the 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM services. Members of the Healing Ministry give five-minute healing sessions and are available to answer questions from the congregation. The “Meet the Healers” events are always well attended and an excellent way to extend the services beyond the monthly service.

Volunteer Opportunities

Several volunteer opportunities are available within the Healing Ministry. Additional healing facilitators and other support volunteers are always welcome.