The Unity Bookstore is a sacred gathering place that supports the teachings and community of Unity Minneapolis through the sale of books, CDs and gifts.

This ministry involves working in the bookstore one Sunday a month from 9-11 AM and 11 AM-1 PM. Two people are in service each Sunday. Each one attends one of the services and watches the bookstore during the other service. Most of the sales occur between services, which require running the cash register and processing credit cards.

Training is usually “on-the-job” during your first Sunday. The new team member works with the team leader or a very experienced team member. There is a training manual with detailed procedures and diagrams, and it is always available as a resource. Also in the training manual are lists of the books in the store, categorized by title, author and topic.

Benefits of Service

  • This ministry is a great way to be exposed to books of which you might not be aware.
  • It allows you to spend some extra time browsing books when not helping customers.
  • It’s a great way to meet new people and to share ideas and thoughts about books that each of you may have read.