This social and recreation group is open to all SINGLE adults who attend or are members of any of the five Unity Spiritual Centers in the Twin Cities of MN.

We are a joyful, welcoming, spirit-filled and supportive group of like-minded people who want to connect with new and old friends through a range of social activities – from multiple types of outdoor recreation to dancing, cooking and travel, to cultural events and more!

Members are encouraged to be involved with putting together events that interest them within the general scope of what this group likes to do. Activities occur primarily on weekends (days and nights) and weekday afternoons, typically within the Twin Cities metro area. Most activities range from free to $30. Membership Dues are $5 per member, collected twice a year, to cover the cost of the Meetup website fee.

Click here for upcoming events

If you have an idea for an event or activity and are willing to “host” it, let me know and I will make you an “Event Organizer” on our site which will allow you to post and manage your event through our Meetup page.  It’s really easy to work and provides you with great tools.

If you are already a member of, simply go to their site and log in.  Then search for Unity Singles Twin Cities (or use the link below) to find our Meetup group page (remember to increase the distance and click on “GROUPS” rather than calendar. Then simply Request to Join.

If you are not a member of, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on this link to go to our new private Meetup group page:
  2. Click on the Sign Up options in the top right hand corner … this is to open a Meetup account
  3. Request to join Unity Singles Twin Cities
  4. Once approved, you’ll be able to RSVP for the events that are planned!