Upcoming – First Friday Experience: Video & Discussion

Upcoming – First Friday Experience: Video & Discussion

TED Talk & Discussion | Friday | September 4 | 7-8:30 PM CT | Via Zoom

Ongoing movie and discussion series on 1st Friday of each Month.

Join us for a deeper exploration of the issues of race, racism, and equity in our communities.

Friday, September 4: “What I Am Learning from my White Grandchildren” – TED Talk by Anthony Peterson

Are we in a post-racial society? Do we want to be? Anthony Peterson, an African American, draws from current research and from conversations with his Anglo-American grandchildren to address truths about race in 21st century America.

Friday, October 2: “Implicit Bias – How It Effects Us and How We Push Through” – Melanie Funchess 

Everyone makes assumptions about people they don’t know. Melanie will teach us to recognize these assumptions and work toward a common understanding. Melanie Funchess is currently employed by the Mental Health Association where she serves as the Director of Community Engagement.

Friday, November 6: “Education for Liberation” – Tim Wise 

Tim Wise presents an argument for fundamental change in our education system.

Click here to watch video / join discussion via Zoom or use Meeting ID 861 8412 1913 at Zoom.us

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