Expanding on the Enneagram

Expanding on the Enneagram

Expanding on the Enneagram

What are Enneagrams? The Enneagram is a symbol that represents 9 distinct personality types. The study of Enneagrams is far more intense than simply learning our type. It involves main type, wing, subtype, and how we move along the lines of the diagram to pick up qualities of another type. Through techniques of self-awareness we begin to see things about ourselves that we never saw before. In a much larger picture of Enneagram, personality is an ego tool to survive in our childhood. As we learn to gently accept and step out from under our type, we move more toward our essence.

We are all holograms. We all have the potential of aspects from every type. So, as we learn about types together, we are able to relate to other types. When we begin to see aspects of another’s type, we can empathize with how they handle situations different than we do. Enneagrams become a great relationship tool, for at home or in the work place.

On Feb. 1, Jean Brandes and Larry Beckel are offering an introductory class where you have the opportunity to learn about each type. Hopefully, you can identify your primary type. If not, Larry and Jean are willing to meet with participants to individually help identify your type. Each person has to find their own, and we may have tools that can help with that process.

Following the introduction, Unity is offering a one evening three-hour class called Enneagrams in the Narrative Tradition. In this class we form panels. Jean and Larry will work toward getting all types represented. Through directed questions, each group will have an opportunity to explain what it is like to be that type. This is a fun and expansive way to learn more about your own type and others. It helps us see the characteristics of different types.

In March, Curt Micka is returning to do a four-part series on the Inner Critic from an Enneagram perspective. Curt presented a one-evening course in the fall of 2017 that was well received, and will be expanding on the Inner Critic work this spring. Curt provides conflict coaching, conflict transformation and Enneagram-related training and mediation services. He is the president of the Board of the International Enneagram Association and uses the Enneagram extensively in his work with individuals and organizations. We are lucky to have him in our local community to help us take Enneagrams a step further.

We encourage everyone to know their type before taking this series. This will be an opportunity for those who participated before to get more depth on the subject of the inner critic, and it will be an opportunity for those new to the Enneagrams to dive into the larger picture of using the Enneagrams.

We are so excited to bring more richness to the Enneagram program here at Unity.

Jean Brandes and Larry Beckel