Oct 19 2022 - Nov 23 2022


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

You Too Can Be Prosperous: A tithing class

Wednesdays, October 12 – November 16 | 7PM | Fillmore Room
Facilitator: Karen Onny, LUT

This is the first time Unity Minneapolis is offering this series.  This class is based on the book by Robert Russell, small yet powerful, packed full of Bible quotes relating to prosperity and a metaphysical approach to Prosperity. The author states “Life always works in the present tense by direct affirmation.” Jesus declared “I am this” or “I am that”. We are all born abundant and prosperous. The only thing that limits our prosperity in all areas of our life is our limited, lack, worried and fearful thoughts. “ I am Prosperity!” Say it over and over again….  The Chapters will guide us thru Laws of the Mind, Affirmations, Denials, Prayer etc. The ideas may seem simple, yet we must commit to the work, commit to changing our thoughts and repetition of Affirmative statements of Truth. Prosperity is our birth right, Lets remove the obstacles to our innate and abundant life.  We will create a safe environment to share and learn prosperity principles together. Through YouTube videos that relate to the assigned chapters, homework assignments, group and small group discussions, music and  creative projects, we will together join our ideas and stories to remove all that is blocking us from our Good.

Course materials:
You Too, Can Be Prosperous. By: Robert A. Russell, available on Amazon and the Unity Bookstore. Other optional supportive books are the Bible and the The Revealing Word

This is a tithing class!