Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks


Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks

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Rev. Toni Fish
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Unity Minneapolis
4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis, MN 55422


Jan 09 2022


1:00 PM - 2:30 PM



Finding Peace Within Grief

Sunday, Jan. 9 | 1 PM CT | Unity Minneapolis

Presented by Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks

This 90-minute workshop will be about taking time to go within to experience comfort, a sense of peace in Mind/Heart/Body/Spirit and allow it to be the foundation for healing the pain of loss and grief we build on moving forward.

It will also be the orientation that sets up our monthly workshop themes on grief healing and transformation to thrive after loss.

What you will experience:

  • What is Grief and how it may prevent us from feeling peace.
  • Why we Grieve – It is multi-faceted and serves a purpose.
  • How Choosing to Heal and Transform the energy from pain of loss can provide us a renewed sense of inner peace that allows us to accept the human experience of grief and sets into motion the healing process.
  • Healing Experiential Exercise: A guided meditation that leads to reconnecting Mind/Heart/Body for wholeness centered in Peace. A process that supports intentionally noticing when our inner peace is disturbed and how to restore our calm center within. *A free-link to the Meditation for Peace provided to each participant!

The full spectrum of life includes the extremes of pain, loss, sorrow and grief and of happiness, joy, ecstasy and bliss. How do we find peace within it all to allow for healing, transformation and wholeness?

Workshop cost: $35

Registration required

Workshop Schedule

  • January 9, 2022 – in person after 11:30 AM CT service
  • February 13, 2022 – virtual via zoom after 11:30 AM CT service
  • March 13, 2022 – virtual via zoom after 11:30 AM CT service
  • May 8, 2022 – virtual via zoom after 11:30 AM CT service
  • June 12, 2022 – virtual via zoom after 11:30 AM CT service

Meghan Smith Brooks Bio

Rev. Meghan Smith Brooks, author of “Unraveling Grief: A Mother’s Spiritual Journey of Healing and Discovery”, is an Ordained Unity Minister having served spiritual communities in Kingston, WA, Mesa, AZ, Brea and Pasadena, CA, and Cincinnati, OH. She is a certified grief coach, speaker, workshop and grief healing retreat facilitator with 26 years’ experience in spiritual education. Currently living in Cincinnati, OH, Rev. Meghan is also the Co-Founder and Spiritual Director of alternative Unity ministry, Unity Awakening Ways along with her husband Rev. Michael Brooks. She has also developed an 8-module online grief healing course “Unraveling Grief to Thrive”, a self-paced grief healing and transformation program with weekly zoom Q&A sessions available through her website