Mar 16 2023


10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Prosperity Plus II. How to Harness Our invisible Power

Tuesday MARCH 7 – MAY 9 | 7 – 8:30 PM CT | Fillmore Room

In this class, we’ll be exploring how to Harness Our Invisible Power as it is taught by Mary Morrissey, based on the work of Genevieve Behrend in her book, Your Invisible Power. Prosperity Plus II is a way of living that offers more fun, more freedom and more fulfillment. It is a way of living and being in the world that helps us turn the invisible side of our nature into the visible side of our results.
In this course you will learn:
1. The five step process for how to manifest your dream:
2. Tools for how to access the solution to any problem and the answer to any question.
3. How to harness your six mental faculties in service of your dream.
4. A process for taking action in a way that creates rapid results.
5. The five elements necessary to make MONEY welcome in your life.
6. The four major reasons most people get stuck and how to overcome them.

This is a tithing class.

Cost of Materials: Hardcopy – $55; Online digital – $39

If you are registering for the In-person class, you will be directed to our Constant Contact registration and we will order the hard copy materials for you. There will also be a registration form in the Garden Court.
For more details, please call the office.

Tuesday Class: Rev Pat and Rev Toni

Hourly Schedule

Prosperity Plus II Tuesdays

7PM CT - 8:30PM CT
Fillmore Room

Prosperity Plus II Thursday

10:30AM CT - 12PM CT