Unity Minneapolis
4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis, MN 55422


Jun 26 2022


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Mindful Money Matters: Monthly Series, May – August

Monthly Series | 1pm | In Person Fillmore Room
– July 31th Session 3 | Let’s Invest Confidently
– August 28th Session 4 | Inspired Investing
Pre-event Registration requested | Cost: $15 per session or $50 for the series
Unity Minneapolis continues to provide opportunities for deeper learning about social justice, racism and global warming issues. We’re building a great foundation to put knowledge into action. As part of that foundation, once per month in May, June, July, and August at 1pm, we are presenting a series of workshops entitled Mindful Money Matters, focusing on various aspects of socially responsible finances.
May 15th -Healthy Finances : Let’s start with the basics: a strong healthy foundation and small things we can do on a regular basis to make a difference.
– Kyle Foster (he/him/his) Vice President, J.P. Morgan
June 26th – Creative with our Home: What better place to get creative than in your own home, a powerful place to live out who you are and your values.
– Jean Bain Realtor Coldwell Banker, Matt Danielson Founder of Green Home Doctors
July 31st – Let’s Invest Confidently: Let’s take the next steps with confidence. We have the basics down, let’s move on to the next steps in being mindful with our money.
– Kyle Foster (he/him/his) Vice President, J.P. Morgan Private Banking
August 28th – Inspired Investing: What is more inspiring than thinking of your legacy? Your children or grandchildren’s college fund? Want to be smart about this? Want to maximize your giving potential? What about a will and planned giving? We hope this helps.
– Kyle Foster (he/him/his) Vice President, J.P. Morgan Private Banking, Jay Joyner. Attorney
The intention is not to give financial advice — just education. Each workshop is complete in its own right AND all four together will provide a rich source of information.
Join us for a fun and informative experience.