Oct 01 2023


12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Living On the Threshold

Sunday, October 1 | 12 – 2 PM CT | Fillmore Room
Every day, we stand on a threshold between what has been and what might be. Pausing to reflect as we cross a threshold helps us name what we’re leaving behind and to choose how we will live into the unknowns awaiting us. This program is an invitation to pause and consider the gifts and losses present on the threshold. Whether you are on a personal threshold – a change in roles or relationship, in your work or home life, your identity or abilities or commitments – or feeling the impact of the shared thresholds you are crossing with others in your congregation, family or community, or in our nation and our shared world and planet, this program will offer support and encouragement, evocative questions and nature’s wisdom, and an opportunity to experience the hopes and joys and sorrows, all present on the threshold.

Cost: $10
Registration requested

Rev. Karen Hering, is an award-winning author and former minister of Unity Church-Unitarian in Saint Paul. She serves as a threshold guide to people and communities on the cusp of change. Her books, Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Transformation and Writing to Wake the Soul: Opening the Sacred Conversation Within, invite readers to access their own wisdom in correspondence with the world around them. Visit: and