Apr 23 2023


1:30 PM

Becoming a Healing Storyteller: For Adults

Childcare provided! Please let us know when you register how many kiddo’s you’re bringing.

Parent and Caregivers, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Teachers and Healers, and all who interact with children.

(I guess that covers just about everybody!!)
You’re all welcome to . . .

Come have fun in this interactive workshop about healing storytelling. Why tell stories to children? What is a healing story, anyway? Why is it needed on the planet, in the community, in the home right now? A story created with loving intention can calm fears, offer hope and celebrate strengths.

We’ll begin with some warm ups, and then you can sit around an imaginary campfire and listen to some stories. We’ll then focus on the basic elements of creating a healing story, and finally, we’ll create stories ourselves in small groups.

There will be plenty of guidance but no pressure. No performance required; I promise! No experience necessary; I promise! Come in to find your inner storyteller, because we all have that spark within us. Come in to nurture the children in your life. When told with loving intention, stories can lift children up when they most need lifting, offer valuable guidance and inspiration.

Cost: $20/adult

Registration required; Click the button below to register. Bring your own lunch!

Mark your calendar to return on May 7th for a second session with kids! Registration is separate.

Debra Darby is a licensed social worker MSW, L.I.S.W, a storyteller, a writer, a poet and a dancer. She has practiced healing storytelling in schools and youth organizations, and is associated with the international non-profit, Healing Story Alliance. Debra also a long time volunteer with Unity’s Youth and Family Ministry!

Sunday, April 23 | 1:30 PM | Fillmore Room