Nov 10 2022 - Dec 18 2022


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Fall Book Group: The Way of Gratitude – A New Spirituality for Today – Thursday 7PM

Oct. 9 – Nov. 20 | Various Days and Times | Love Offering

This book is about author Galen Guengerich’s “…search for a new way to belong—not only to his own family of choice, which he eventually found, and not only to a new faith community, which he also eventually found, but to everything.”

“Part One of this book describes the human search for meaning—why it’s important to us, how human beings have historically understood their lives as meaningful, and why so many of us face a crisis of meaning today. It explores the burgeoning interest in being spiritual but not religious, then focuses on what the author believes is the key to spirituality, which is the practice of openness.

Part Two explores what he describes as the seven hallmarks of gratitude, which map our relationships to the people and world around us, and also describe our responsibilities in return. The way of gratitude is a journey toward increasing reciprocity with everyone and everything around us.

The final part of the book explores how we make the way of gratitude a practice—a spiritual practice. The only way we can be certain that the most important things in our life take precedence is to make them a regular part of our daily lives.”

The power and wisdom of a group is mighty, and we invite you to take advantage of one of the groups that are formed. We will be offering both virtual and in-person groups.

That being said, there are many ways to participate in this seven-week series, and you are welcome to participate at whatever level you are called to do so:
• Pick up a study guide and do a self-guided study.
• Join a Discussion Group and share your wisdom and questions.
Waking up is a community affair. Join us in our awakening journey.

— Rev. Pat, Rev. Toni , and Rev Kevin

There is no charge for this book study, but registration is required.

Thursday | October 13 | 7PM | via Zoom  — REGISTER
Facilitator: Rev Kevin Hudalla

We will be adding groups in the coming weeks. If you’d like to host a group, please contact Rev Toni at