Jun 29 2022


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Creation Stories: reframing, recreating and retelling how we came to be

4 Wednesday evenings starting 6.8.22 Via Zoom
Facilitated by Marie Pettingill & Suzanne Baldwin
Cost: $40
Registration Required

Creation is the connection to the Divine.
– Charles Fillmore

We are creating all the time – through conscious or subconscious thoughts and beliefs.  

Some of our thoughts and beliefs come from the stories we tell ourselves which create our personal reality. They may be stories we learned that told us we were evil, separate, disconnected from God. A different story we can tell ourselves is that we are One with God, and worthy and deserving of good things.

In order to live more abundantly, lovingly and peacefully, it’s important to be consciously aware of how we co-create with God.

What to expect:
The ultimate purpose of the class is to create your own “creation/origin” story of your connection with God which will uplift you and reframe your beliefs to create the world you desire and deserve.

• We will start by reviewing some original myth stories from Judeo-Christian, Native American, Asian and African traditions.
• We will discuss ancient symbols and how they may be translated by new thought beliefs.
• There will be breakout group discussions to interpret the original concepts and how they can be reframed for our modern world.
• We will discuss Eric Butterworth’s Creative Process as it aligns with the Genesis Creation story, to explore how we can create what we want in our own lives.
• You will conceive your own story helping to unfold in the next levels of your divine creative process.

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