Apr 17 2023 - May 15 2023


7:00 PM

Book of Job

Monday April 17 – May 15 | 7:00 – 8:30 PM CT | Zoom

The Book of Job raises the following challenges: what do you believe about the divine, what is your connection to it, what is your connection to others, how can you know the will of God, what is divine order, and what is acceptance.

Job directly asks: Why is there suffering in the world if God is a loving merciful force? If God has created order in the Universe, where is justice when the wicked prosper and good people suffer? Job loses his health, his wealth, and his children as the result of a wager between God and Satan. He sets out on a quest for answers and finds something unexpected: the nature of the order of the universe and a new relationship to the divine. In this quest, both Job and God are transformed.

Three thousand years later, and these questions are still being asked. We see people suffering from mental health crises, social discontent, wars, and climate change. What can we learn from these sufferings?
Come prepared to define your own answers to these questions raised in the Book of Job.

Facilitator: John Pettingill
Cost: $75
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