Unity Minneapolis
4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis, MN 55422


May 17 2022 - Jun 14 2022


7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Body-Mind-Spirit Series

Session 1: 1st Tuesday | Healing Service | Love Offering
Session 2: 2nd Tuesday | Healing Touch: Validating You as Embodied Spirit | Amy Laederach |$15
Session 3: 3rd Tuesday | Essential Motion: Moving Yourself to Freedom | Pat Samples | $15
Session 4: 4th Tuesday | Chair Yoga | Karen Onny | $15
Session 5: 5th Tuesday | Quantum Healing | Shannon Murphy | $15
During the month of May, we continue our Courage to Imagine journey, exploring the theme, I AM Healthy, through a series of Tuesday evening workshops entitled Body-Mind-Spirit. We will use the power of imagination to create health and wholeness. Myrtle Fillmore, our co-founder, knew without question that prayer works and so we begin the series with a Healing and Wellness service on May 3rd.
She also taught that there is more to the healing process than just prayer for physical recovery. Myrtle believed in daily practices for mind, body, and spirit: “Daily, declare that your spiritual life and world, your mental life and world and your physical life and world are unified and that you are expressing harmoniously the ideas of the Christ mind on these three planes.”
The practices Myrtle espoused for wellness still ring true today. We will follow that service with four workshops, each focusing on a different modality of healing: Healing Touch, Movement, Yoga, Quantum Healing.