Nov 20 2023


6:30 PM

A Course in Miracles Weekly Study Group

A Course In Miracles is a unique and inspired system of spiritual thought, that occurred through the process of someone’s heightened experience of hearing an “inner dictation”.

With its universal nature and transcendent appeal, the Course teaches us how to have a shift in our perceptions, to as it says; “remove the blocks to the awareness of loves presence” in our lives, so that we may experience a deep and lasting inner peace, and come to know our reality as that love.
This group will meet weekly to read together from the Course, and to discuss applying the Course’s principles in our daily lives.

Cost: Love offering

Scott Pomeroy is a longtime student of A Course In Miracles with eight years of experience in facilitating ACIM study groups. Scott is a graduate of One Spirit Learning Alliance’s InterSpiritual Seminary, and their InterSpiritual Counseling/Companioning program.

Mondays | 6:30 – 8:00PM CDT | YOU