The Benefits of Understanding the Enneagram

The Benefits of Understanding the Enneagram

The Benefits of Understanding the Enneagram

“The Enneagrams are a tool for spiritual growth,” says Jean Brandes, who’s teaching an introductory Enneagram class at Unity Minneapolis in February, along with Larry Beckel. “There are nine passions. These passions are barriers to our true essence. These are the distractions that prevent us from developing a quiet mind in meditation. These passions are relayed to us by way of a typology. Once we understand the box we are in, we develop tools to climb out of the box toward our true essence.” In discovering their personality type/number and how it interacts with other numbers (1, The Reformer; 2, The Helper; 3, The Achiever; 4, The Individualist; 5, The Investigator; 6, The Loyalist; 7, The Enthusiast; 8, The Challenger; or 9, The Peacemaker), people have found it eye-opening in interacting with the world and people around them.

Go ahead, take our word for it:

I’m not an expert in the Enneagram, but it certainly has helped me understand my husband, myself and a few others in my life!

David Banner’s Enneagram workshop had an immediate and long-term impact on us as individuals and as a couple. We learned our Enneagram “number” and the interface between our two Enneagram types has become and remains a mainstay in our understanding of each other, guiding our day-to-day, moment-to-moment interactions in our relationship. We learned more in this short workshop than we could imagine was possible and highly recommend it.

For many years I avoided opportunities to study the Enneagram, and now I see that it could have greatly benefited me. I have found it a great tool for increasing my self-awareness. I highly recommend it to everyone.

I love how the Enneagram has helped to transform my life. In my relationships it has helped me to be more sensitive to others by knowing their number. It also helps me to know when the person is expressing their true personality, or their number,  and of course it continues to give me tools so that I may grow in consciousness as I express the Christ Presence. The Enneagram has helped me to become more self-aware so that I can work on changing my behavior. I also recommend the Enneagram in premarital counseling. Couples seem to really appreciate discovering each other’s number and how these numbers can grow together.

The Enneagrams are also a great tool for relationships. We come to understand our spouse or partner and children in a new way.