Embracing the Goddess Within You

Embracing the Goddess Within You

Mondays | May 1 & May 8 | 6:30 – 9 PM
For women only

This enriching two-week workshop invites women to explore what it means to be a goddess today in the 21st century, and then it provides activities for them to reflect on their personal journey as a goddess.

Each woman will have the opportunity for soul touching discoveries and fun surprises in a safe environment of respect, truth, love and joy. The conversations and activities are designed around embracing nature, your body, your creativity, your intuition, and celebrating the community of women.

Come and be supported by a circle of women learning how to more fully live a life in balance with their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energy.

Read a Q&A with Mary to learn more about the workshop.

Suggested offering $40 for both evenings

Facilitated by Mary Welch
Mary J Welch, Author of Alive Aware Awake…Living an Ordinary Sacred Life.
Mary has a degree in Transformational Leadership and she is a ToP TM Facilitator. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, Landmark Education, Vistar Integrated Programs, and numerous spiritual and personal growth trainings. Mary has been a member of Unity Minneapolis since February 1997 and has served in various capacities, including on the Board of Trustees. Gathering people together in meaningful experiences is Mary’s life purpose and Serend!p!ty Circles offers that opportunity. Mary’s passion is creating sacred spaces where women come together to share their wisdom and to experience insights that move them forward in living their life with enthusiasm and gratitude. Mary is an inspiring life coach whose creative workshops and retreats have enriched the lives of women from all over the world.

Mary is a ToP Facilitator and a member of our own spiritual community. Mary’s creative experiential workshops use Music, Movement, and Musings to enrich the lives of women with profound insights and delightful surprises! Come gather with us in this sacred circle and feel honored and affirmed like never before!