EarthCare Ministry

Calling all Earth Angels! 

Is Spirit guiding you to connect with the Earth? Have you been searching for ways to help protect our environment? Unity Minneapolis seeks to build an EarthCare Ministry; a group dedicated to the mission of fostering “awareness of our spiritual oneness with the Earth and to promote active care of all creation.” – taken from the worldwide Unity EarthCare mission statement.

The EarthCare Program is an established seven-step plan of action that guides us to discover our own personal path of earth care through prayer, visioning, inspiration, education, action, sharing, and re-affirming. The Program has certified 45 Unity churches throughout the world as EarthCare Congregations since its inception, and we believe that Unity Minneapolis has a congregation of leaders ready to assist in the mission.

Leading an EarthCare Ministry may involve actions around water conservation, waste minimization, ecological social justice, mindful eating, and… we need your ideas! Please join us in manifesting Unity’s Fifth Basic Principal: Through thoughts, words, and actions we live the truth we know.

“[There is] intelligence inherent in every form, animate or inanimate. It has been discovered that even rocks and all minerals have life… We should be speaking words of truth to everything, not only to mankind but to the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms.” -Charles Filmore in Christian Healing, “The Word,” #14, p. 68.

Please contact Rev. Toni for more information or to get involved.

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