Divine Messages: Live Channeling Event with Nea Clare

Divine Messages: Live Channeling Event with Nea Clare

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Third Friday of the month | 6:30 PM
Next event: February 21

Join Nea Clare for an evening of connecting with Spirit.

Nea Clare is a channel for Spirit and works with ‘the Oneness’ a Polysynchronous Consciousness (the PSC) which conveys wisdom, information and guidance to support you in becoming resonant with your Divine nature.  These events include meditation, a channeled message from ‘the Oneness’ and an opportunity for Live Q&A to deepen your own understanding and connection to the teachings.  

These events are designed for you to be able to have a personal audience with “the Oneness”, to receive teachings that will awaken your consciousness to the Truth of YOU. Nea Clare creates a sacred and inviting space, to ensure you receive what is in your highest good.  

Everyone who attends will receive an audio recording from the event.

Tickets: $30 in advance; $35 at the door

Please park in the upper rear parking lot for easy access to our meeting space on the upper level of the building at Unity Minneapolis.

Nea Clare is a natural channel for Spirit, having channeled many of the Ascended Masters and Archangels for over 8 years. She is committed to sharing her God-given gifts with the world, that people may come to know their own Divine Nature. Nea Clare is a spiritual teacher and coach, she helps her clients step fully into creating a life they truly and deeply LOVE!