Discover Tools of Success in Prosperity Plus II

Discover Tools of Success in Prosperity Plus II

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, I will begin leading a class series using Rev. Mary Morrissey’s material called “Prosperity Plus II.” This is a series which demands a commitment of tithing 10 percent of our time, talents, and treasure.

One of the great truths in life is that “resources always follow commitment,” although most of us have wanted it to be the other way around.

Most people who have begun tithing in these ways were initially afraid to begin, but now would never stop doing so, because the benefits are so great. In my own case, although I have had many seeming “money miracles,” the biggest benefits have been in my relationship with God in me, and in the added security I have knowing that I have one unlimited Source – right within me – for everything I want in life.

In this series, we’ll cover lots of “success tools” like:

  • The 5 step process for how to manifest your dreams
  • The 5 elements necessary to make money welcome in your life
  • How to harness your 6 mental faculties in service of your dreams
  • The 4 major ways people get stuck and how to overcome them

Maybe you have done other prosperity classes based on tithing, and you know how life-changing they are. Or, maybe, it’s your time now to make a “great leap forward” in your trust in Spirit, and in demonstrating how the Law of Circulation works.

Either way, if you are hearing the call of Spirit to join me for this series, I welcome you to make the commitment. You will be so glad you did.

Rev. Phil Smedstad