December Is the Season of Celebration and Light!

December is the Season of amazing celebration. On the 20th or the 21st, we experience the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

This event has been profoundly significant for thousands of years, for it marks the point at which the life-giving sun’s retreat before darkness finally begins to reverse itself. It is the source of many concepts and myths of rebirth and sun gods for cultures around the globe. In fact, nearly all aspects of our Western Christmas observance have their roots in Roman customs around the Saturnalia, a harvest festival that marked the Winter Solstice and honored Saturn, the god of sowing. All of these myths have two common themes: the triumph of light over darkness and a symbolic birth (or rebirth) that ensures life will continue. And then on the 25th, we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, the birth/rebirth of the Christ Consciousness that is within each of us. This is the appointed time when we choose to awaken/re-awaken to the Divine that is us. We awaken/re-awaken to the truth that as we live, move, breathe, and have our being in God, God lives, moves, breathes and has Its being in, through, and as us. This is
cause for great celebration.

December is the Season of Light as well. The light of reason, the light of faith, the light that heralds the immanent presence of God – all of these resonate when we think about darkness giving way to light. It has been said that light comes with an expansion of consciousness. Buddhists call those who pierce the illusion of the world “enlightened.” We seek light as naturally as we seek nourishment, for light nourishes our souls as food nourishes our bodies. Whether it be Mithras, Saturn, or the infant Jesus whose birth is celebrated during this month, the deeper truth is that light transcends religion and culture and speaks to the inner awareness.

Here are four passages from Science of Mind magazines that I have used over the years to deepen my experience of this Season – each one lighting the path to a greater awareness of the Divine.

On Hope
Hope springs from within us with amazing swiftness. It only takes a positive word of encouragement or the prospect of constructive change, and we are hopeful again. This positive surge of thinking is a prelude to the as yet unspoken promise of a brighter future. Hope does not require that we know what the future holds. The prospect of a better tomorrow calls forth positive thoughts and the willingness to experience life anew.

On Peace
It is important not to allow the discontent of another person to move you from living from within. The truth is that they have been brought into your vibration so that you may love them. No matter what, love them. There is never any excuse not to love. Be mindful of this, and do not be moved. You are the presence of God. You are peace made manifest.

On Joy
Have you ever heard someone laugh and it made you laugh or smile?  Or knew people who were so excited about life that it made you want to know what was happening with them? That is the energy that flows as joy.  It is lively and absorbing. Now, we have all experienced over-the-top enthusiasts. That is not what we’re talking about. Authentic joy can be quiet and calm, yet still transmit power and excitement. This kind of joy is a gift and is contagious. This could be the day that you are so joy-filled that you become unstoppable – you go out and light up the world! The world is awaiting your incredible gifts. Now is the time.

On Love
Time may have passed since the Beatles rose to fame with their song All You Need is Love, yet things haven’t changed. We can discover love everyday with everything and everyone around us. Gazing about, we see the sparkle of being alive, the laughter of being human and the joy of knowing we are already perfect and whole and oh-so-lovely.”

May this Season be filled with Light, Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love!

Rev. Toni Fish

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