Conscious Inclusion

Tuesday Sept. 28 | 7PM via Zoom

The diversity of our world and the growing awareness of uniqueness of each individual calls us to a more inclusive consciousness. A first step in expanding our consciousness is to look inner, to find those thoughts and beliefs that limit us from seeing and appreciating that uniqueness and beautiful diversity.

When we include – not only do we more deeply honor the Divine in all, there is also greater harmony, engagement, innovation, productivity, participation etc.

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Cost: $10.00

Point of View on Unconscious Bias 

  • Biases are normal and natural for humans 
  • Sometimes (not always) our biases are incomplete, inaccurate or ineffective 
  • Both negative (“against”) and positive (“for”) biases can be ineffective 
  • We neither can, nor should, stop the bias process in our brains 
  • Instead, we must: 
  • Notice and examine our biases for completeness and accuracy 
  • Choose effective behaviors for the situation at hand 

Program objectives 

As a result of this program, participants will: 

  • Review conscious and unconscious bias and their impact. 
  • Understand the science behind bias and how it translates into reactions. 
  • Increase awareness of your own reactions to differences and understand how they affect behaviors. 
  • Recognize when behaviors are less than inclusive and how to intentionally INCLUDE instead. 
  • Develop a plan for implementing inclusive behaviors every day.