Sneak Peek at Unity

Classes and Workshops – January through March 2022

Enjoy a Sneak Peek of what’s coming up in the new year here at Unity Minneapolis. We have A LOT in the works, and this is just a preview. Be sure to …

Halloween 2021

This year, Unity Minneapolis was proud to celebrate The Story of Halloween: Fun, Joy & Origins. Beginning with the YFM Halloween Bash, then Sunday Services in costume, and concluding in the Origins of Halloween on Halloween evening we had a

Maundy Thursday Communion Service

Maundy Thursday | April 1 | 6:30 PM CT
via Livestream

Simple Supper | April 1 | 7:30 PM CT
via Zoom

An Invitation From Rev. Pat

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Featured- Good Friday Service with Dramatization

Friday | April 2 | 7 PM CT | via Livestream

Rev. Pat Williamson and a congregational cast present a powerful dramatization of Jesus’ walk to Golgotha. In this original script by JB Eckert, based on the Stations of the

2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Unity Minneapolis
Annual Membership Meeting Minutes
February 16, 2020

Call to Order: President Gregg Peterson called meeting to order at 1:36 pm.

Opening Prayer: Reverend Pat Williamson led members in opening prayer.

Introductions: President Gregg Peterson introduced the current board …

The Resilience Advantage

Monday | March 15 – April 5 | 7 – 8:30 PM CT | via Zoom

Do you find yourself ‘struggling’ through the day, working to get it all done?

Would you like more energy at the end of the …

Upcoming – Celebrating the Life of Debbie Duncan

Saturday | February 6 | 3 PM CST (Prelude at 2:45 PM) | via Livestream

A memorial event “Celebrating the Life of Debbie Duncan” will be held on Saturday, February 6th at 3:00 PM (CST). A musical prelude will start …

Lenten Prayer Circles

February 17 – April 1 | 2 Options for Days & Times | via Zoom

We have a new Lenten opportunity beginning on Ash Wednesday this year! We’ll offer two Prayer Circles and you can join one or both of …

Thriving Earth

Friday | March 26 | 7 – 8:30 PM CT | via Zoom

Our common ground ~ Earth ~ is a sacred place, a place for unity and abundance.  Learning to care for this holy space is incumbent on all …

Ongoing – The Lazarus Blueprint

Monday | February 22 – March 22 | 10:30 AM CT|via Zoom

The art world often uses X-rays and infrared techniques to verify a painting’s authenticity.  Sometimes quite unexpectedly, they discover another painting underneath, a hidden masterpiece.  The portrait of …

Ongoing – Book of Revelation

Wednesday | January 13 – February 10 | 7 – 8:30 PM CT | via Zoom

Revelation is the most controversial and fought over book in the Bible.  Please join us for a five- part series on an historical and …

Upcoming – White Stone Service

Sunday Service | January 3 | 9:30 AM CT

The White Stone Ceremony is a “ritual” type service based on a scripture from Revelation 2:17: “Let anyone who has an ear listen to what the Spirit is saying to the …

Upcoming – Burning Bowl Service

Sunday Service | December 27 | 9:30 AM CT

Are you ready to release 2020?  I am.

At New Year’s we talk about a new start, a fresh beginning, or a new life.  We look ahead to what we hope …