A Change is Gonna Come

By Lori Dokken

The musical soundtrack of “Getting in Good Trouble”

Change is something we can always count on.  It leads us through mountains and valleys … good times and struggles … quiet and chaos.  Everything must change.

Join us …

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Celebrating the Divine Masculine

By Dr. Michael Obsatz

Each of us have both Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies. Father’s Day marks the celebration of the Divine masculine in every person. Masculine energy is the assertive, protective, active, and peace-loving energy in service to …

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How Deep Are Your Roots?

By Pat Samples

I’m asking myself these days how I can keep myself well-rooted, straight and strong amidst the raging storms of pandemic, racial unrest, and climate catastrophe.

As a Unity prayer chaplain, I’m clear that prayer is the ground …

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These are Tumultuous Times

By Rev. Ray Nelson

These are tumultuous times. Stay-at-home orders, physical and social distancing, businesses, schools, and churches shuttered for God knows how long. 100,000 deaths and counting and 40 million unemployed. Now we have nationwide protests over the brutal, …

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A Message From the Board of Trustees

Beloved members and congregants of Unity Minneapolis,

With the ever-shifting landscape and guidelines surrounding COVID-19, we, as your Board of Trustees, have been discussing how and when to reopen Unity Minneapolis for in-person services. And we’re sure this question is …

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A Great Awakening

By Kyra Christopherson

Finding a “new normal” during this incredible time of global shift, I have been needing to find balance. Every day I have been finding solid balance during walks–morning and night. Looking up at the sky–both morning and …

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