Care & Support

Unity Cares – If you are in need of support, or would like your church family to know of some event in your life, call the Unity Cares voicemail and leave a confidential message. Messages are checked and responded to daily by a member of the Unity Cares Team. Call anytime: 763-521-4793 ext 44.

Service Angels – Volunteers are available to help Unity congregants during this time of COVID – care. Call Rev. Toni at 763-521-4793, ext. 29 for a volunteer to grocery shop, run an errand, or assist with a household duty. 

Prayer Ministry – If you are looking to strengthen your commitment to daily prayer and wish to be of service to others through volunteering, the Prayer Ministry welcomes you!

Prayer Requests All prayer requests received are lovingly prayed over by a Prayer Angel on our Prayer Ministry for 7 days, then sent to Silent Unity to be prayed with for an additional 30 days.  Please complete “Submit a Prayer Request” on this page to send a prayer request to our prayer ministry.

Prayer Chaplains – The most important thing that Prayer Chaplains do is hold a consciousness of prayer for our community. Prayer chaplains are trained to hold sacred space, listen with the ears of their hearts, pray aloud with anyone who asks for prayer, and hold the prayer requests in the strictest of confidence.

Healing Ministry – The vision of the Healing Ministry is to facilitate healing by the flow of energy through the power of grace.

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Youth & Family Ministry

10:00 AM CT – Children up to age 5 in the Nursery

10:00 AM CT – Nursery & Y.E.S. In Person
10:00 AM CT – Uniteens & Y.O.U. In-Person & Zoom

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