Care Counts: A HeartMath® Workshop for Kids Grades 2-7 and Their Adults

Saturday | October 19 | 9:30-11:30 AM

We are on a very important, life-changing journey— inside our own heart. Join Lynne Jensen, certified HeartMath coach, trainer and mentor for this family friendly Heartmath Caring Experience.

“Care Counts!” is a hands-on, interactive workshop where we literally experience what happens physically and emotionally when we open our heart to care for others.

During this workshop, children will learn that feelings are like the weather and big changes happen when we can shift from “stormy to calm.” They’ll learn “Shift and Shine,” a simple tool that teaches us how to shift emotions to feel more energetic and positive. We’ll use clapping to understand our heart rhythms and make facial expressions to understand our feelings.

After sending positive feelings from their hearts out into the world, we’ll plant flower seeds to take home and continue our practice of Care.

“Care Counts!” is based on more than 25 years of research from The HeartMath® Institute. The heart is a source of energy as well as a source of emotions. HeartMath science tells us that our feelings show up in our heart rhythms and are communicated to others. When we purposefully work to manage our emotions, we can make a powerful difference.

Suggested love offering: $20 adult and one child, $40 per family

Childcare provided if requested by October 10

Lynne Jensen is a volunteer with Unity youth education. In addition to being a certified Heartmath coach and trainer, she’s also a schoolteacher with a Master’s degree, mother and now a grandmother. Lynne knows first-hand that life can feel difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Yet, with the tools and training from HeartMath, she’s been able shift her own stress and worry to live a more open-hearted life. You can learn more at: www.balancedlifesolutions.org

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