Building Renovation

Each of us get the opportunity to play a huge part in the transformation of our spiritual home!

Together we have raised $1,143,948 through October 8, 2023

September 2023

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It’s time for…

  • A truly welcoming facility for all that are here and those yet to come. Fully accessible for everyone throughout the building. No exceptions.
  • Upgraded technology throughout our facility that enables us to reach more people with our life transforming message.
  • Beautiful and ample space to accommodate everyone and celebrate Spirit with radical hospitality.

God has truly blessed our spiritual community and is guiding us. Allow Spirit to guide you in your contribution.

Full accessibility, updated technology, and expansion of our space ensures that “Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here!”

Project Timeline


1) Why do we need to renovate our facility? 
Our facility is the face of our community and needs to support our vision of a transformed world and our mission of being a vibrant, welcoming, inclusive, and prosperous spiritual community that inspires full expression of the Divine within. Our building must be accessible for everyone throughout. 
2) How much did we raise in our capital campaign? Will we use our financial reserves? Apply for financing?

The budget for our project is $3.6 million dollars. We received ALL IN commitments totaling $2.1 million dollars to be given over a 3-year giving period – 2023 / 2024 / 2025. In addition, a portion of our financial reserves will be invested in this project. A prudent reserve equal to 3 months of operating expenses was retained, with about $700,000 added to our capital campaign donations. After initial talks with an external lender, we are a good candidate for construction financing.



3) What are our next steps?

Facilities Transformation Team is working with Vanman Architects & Builders and the City of Golden Valley to finalize zoning and a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Our architect will be on-site for walk thru discussions to finalize design.



4.) How long will congregants and staff need to meet in temporary quarters while construction takes place? Where will we meet during construction?

Our current estimate is that we will be in temporary quarters for nine months. We are building a team to explore locations that can accommodate community-wide, small group, and individual needs for in-person and online congregants. This team will oversee our move out of the building too. If you have expertise or skills that could be helpful for this team, please contact the church office.


5.) How can I donate to support our facilities transformation?
Please let us know that your financial gift is for the ALL IN Campaign. You’ll find easy on- line giving at our website (click here). Be sure to designate the gift to the “ALL IN Campaign”. Drop a gift in the offering, in the church office, or send it in the mail. And there may be tax advantages to donating stock, property, etc. If over the age of 72, you can use your required minimum distribution. Consult your tax advisor.



6) Is this the right time for the project with uncertainty in many areas (COVID, decline in church attendance, inflation, recession, war)?
The world is in a time of transformation and Unity is a sacred space for anyone seeking spiritual transformation. A renovated building provides a welcoming, attractive, practical, accessible space for all to come and be uplifted, renewed, and centered in Spirit, especially during these times.

Divine Spirit has revealed through the collective consciousness of Unity Minneapolis a mission that we continue to grow into. The momentum to accomplish this goal is rooted in prayer and connection to Source. We invite you to join us there.

Do you have a question or comment about our renovation or capital campaign? We want to hear from you.

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