Advent Sunday Series 2018

Advent Sunday Series 2018

Advent means “The Coming.”

Unity’s co-founder Charles Fillmore talked of Advent and Unity in a January 1923 broadcast entitled “Christ Mind, the Second Coming of Christ.” He believed Christ is an idea in Divine Mind,” and highlighted the universality of the Christ, the Divine essence dwelling in everyone. Charles Fillmore believed once we understand the spiritual nature of Christ’s second coming, you find the Christ within yourself.

At Unity, we have historically viewed Advent season as a time of inner searching of our mind and heart. Unity publications has described Advent as a season of hope, renewal and change. It is a time of immersing ourselves in the one Presence, setting aside the many obstacles that block our spiritual growth.

So let us take this amazing time of the year to look within for the Presence that is always with us; the Presence that never leaves us; the Presence that is the only Presence we shall ever need–the amazing Presence within every single one of us.

Let this beautiful Advent season begin within and then appreciate the Presence of God within every one of us.

Rev. Jeanette Byington