The Spiritual Call

Wednesday | September 11 | 7 PM

People who are guided by their souls are destined to bring spiritual light to humanity.

Around the world, spiritually minded people are responding to The Call to transform the human condition. Such people …

World Day of Prayer 2019: Infinite Presence, Unlimited Potential

Service: Thursday | September 12 | 6:30 PM
Prayer Vigil—Midnight to 6:30 PM
Interfaith Prayer Service—6:30 PM

Unity Minneapolis has invited special guests to offer interfaith prayers for world peace. The words in their prayers may sound different, but the …

Sacred Gong Meditation

Saturday | August 24 | 7 PM

You’re invited to experience Sound Immersion with Gongs and singing bowls with Mark Allen Gossman. Come enjoy the relaxing and healing effects of Planetary gongs and Tibetan bowls.

These meditative instruments create a …

Pet Blessing

We in Silent Unity have always been honored to pray for animals, for we believe that animals are a vital part of God’s creation. The Bible states that God created “every living creature that moves … And God saw that …

Intro to the New Thought Movement

Tuesdays | August 13-September 10 | 7-9 PM

This class will explore the coming together of thought streams that grew into what many now know of as the New Thought movement.   

We will look at the origin and development …

Visual Prayers – Spirit Art Dolls

Saturday | August 17 | 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Come learn how to make stick and nature dolls focused on a 
favorite prayer or sacred wish.  All skills level welcome.

$50 includes materials; once you sign up, you receive a list

Laughter Yoga

Saturday | August 24 | 10 AM-12 PM
For all ages; childcare provided for infants to 5-year-olds

Exercise Your Heart with Laughter; Heal It With Art

Join Laughter Yoga teacher Sarah Routman in this family-friendly interactive experience of healthy laughter designed …

Awareness and Understanding of Your Aura Workshop

Saturday | July 27 | 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

You are a being of light; a multidimensional field of energy referred to as the aura. Your aura is a dynamic, interactive, and open field of energy within and around your physical …

Backpack, School Supplies & Book Drive

Collecting books through September 10

Once again we are collecting backpacks and school supplies for PRISM as well as children’s books for students at Noble Elementary. We can order books for you at a 10% discount (take your selection to …

Discover the Secret Wisdom of Your Body

Monday | July 22 | 6:30-8:30 PM

Make friends with your body while moving it freely.

  • Get to know its hidden longings and creative urges.
  • Experience your unconscious holdings dissolve, moving you past constraining beliefs.
  • Unleashing your body’s remarkable intelligence

Meditation Class

Thursday | July 11-August 15 | 10:30 AM-12 PM

Minimum of 7 Participants Required

This class: This gentle 6-week Himalayan Yoga Meditation course from a 5,000 year-old tradition is designed for everyone who wants a gentle and easy way …

The Power of Visualization

Sunday | July 7 | 1:30-3:30 PM

Call me…your Manifesting Advisor. The process of visioning and creating a picture of what you see for yourself in your life is important. Unblocking what has prevented you from realizing that vision up …