Another Chance at a New Beginning

Sunday | January 12 | 1:30-3:30 PM

You are invited to sharpen your vision for 2020 by looking more closely at your heart’s desire. This workshop will gracefully help us move from our outwardly focused dream, to one that looks …

Divine Messages: Live Channeling Event with Nea Clare

Join Nea Clare for an evening of connecting with Spirit.

Nea Clare is a channel for Spirit and works with ‘the Oneness’, a Polysynchronous Consciousness (the PSC) which conveys wisdom, information and guidance to support you in becoming resonant with your Divine nature.  …

Flip Your Script

CANCELLED | Monday | March 30 | 7 PM | $20

Transforming your thoughts to Empowerment and Resilience

Discover how powerful it is to develop a meditation skill for shifting health, relationships, abundance and more. A brief introduction will be …

Create a Vision for Your Life

Tuesday | January 14 | 7 PM

Just imagine the sensation of texture and aroma, the harmony of sounds, the colorful feast surrounding you when you are inside the world you have visualized. This world is waiting for you. We …

Use Your Intuition to Create the Life You Want

Sunday | January 5 | 1:30-3:30 PM

Life is constantly giving us opportunities for strengthening our powers of intuition, discernment and discrimination. Learning to listen to our intuition is one of the spiritual practices we can use for moving in …

Great Gatherings

Our Great Gatherings are underway!  We’re grateful for our hosts and everyone who signed up to participate in a Great Gathering.

A Great Gathering is a fixed-price, scheduled event for a group of people. It’s a fun way to build conscious …

Winter Solstice 2019

What is Winter Solstice? The shortest day of the year? The longest night of the year? Roughly three days before Christmas?

Whatever we call it, we can see that it is a dramatic imbalance between the light and the dark. …

The Sermon on the Mount: The Key to Success in Life

Mondays | January 13-February 10 | 7-8:30 PM

What did Jesus teach? Emmet Fox’s answer is simple: The Bible is a “textbook of metaphysics,” and the teachings of Jesus express a practical approach for the development of the soul and for …

CommUnity Christmas Potluck Dinner & Holiday Sing-Along

Sunday | December 15
Potluck: Following the 11:30 AM service
Sing-Along: 1:30 PM

Roasted turkey and ham will be provided. Bring your favorite holiday dish to share and deliver it to the kitchen before the 11:30 AM service please.

At …

Winter Solstice 2019

Friday | December 20 | 7 PM 

Experience your own rebirth following the spiritual conversion of the winter solstice.

This spiritual experience will guide you through the shortest day of the year and launch you into the ever-increasing light of …