August Sunday Series: Sacred Wisdom Teachings

August Sunday Series: Sacred Wisdom Teachings

August Sunday Series: Sacred Wisdom Teachings

For the month of August we will be looking at major world religions and looking for the similarities with our Unity teachings.

Excerpts from “A Unity View of New Age and New Thought.”

“Unity has always felt that there are many roads to God. We believe that truth and spiritual help can be found in the scriptures in all great world religions. We are glad that there are many different churches, because human beings unfold spiritually in many different ways. The religious practices that help some people approach God and unfold their spiritual potential might not be useful to others. We bless every religion and philosophy that helps people live God- centered, loving productive lives.”

However, the fact that Unity leaves one free to accept as much or as little as is helpful does not mean that Unity does not have a teaching; the freedom of the individual is a tenet of Unity teachings. Although Unity feels that different teachings and beliefs may be helpful to different individuals, this does not mean that Unity accepts these different
teachings as its own.

Some people feel that any New Thought or New Age teaching or practice which they may find helpful is Unity and that Unity should allow others’ teachings to be taught in the name of Unity. This is not freedom; this is confusion.

For the month of August we will be looking at other paths, or teachings, and we will look for the similarities to Unity. This is our purpose for the month of August.

At the turn of the 20th century, Charles Fillmore had three needs to unify:

  • He wanted to make clear that Unity is a religion and a movement based on the teaching of Jesus Christ.
  • He did not want to teach that the Unity way, or the Christian way, is the only pathway to God. He had
    studied other world religions and had found truth in all of them. Indeed, finding that thread of truth in all
    religions made him feel the name “Unity” to be perfect one for his work.
  • He wanted to be sure that Unity was a response to the new scientific knowledge which was opening minds to greater understanding. As the new physics cast light on the nature of the material universe and
    released undreamed-of physical power, a new metaphysics cast light on the mental universe and release undreamed-of power of mind.

We will be looking at four world religions for the month of August, which are: Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism.