Ongoing – A Trip to Bethlehem

Ongoing – A Trip to Bethlehem

Tuesdays | December 1 – January 5 | 7PM CT | Via Zoom


The Christmas story, told each year for over a thousand years, is one of the most joyful and hope-filled stories in our collective consciousness.  We have sung it in song, sighed at the beauty of it in art, and wept as children have acted it out in simplicity and innocence.

What is it that touches us so deeply – even those who may not follow the Christian faith.

Join Kevin Hudalla for a 6-week mystical,  metaphysical journey of discovery—from the Annunciation to Epiphany—based on the book, “A Trip to Bethlehem”, by Hypatia Hasbrouck.

“Each year, the traditional Christmas story stirs believers and unbelievers alike, not only because it celebrates the birth of the Christ Child – the baby who grew into the man whose life and teachings changed the course of history and shaped the mind and culture of the Western world – but also because it appeals to the very depths of our being.  It stirs all of us because the Christ Child represents the higher Self, the true Self, of everyone.  That Child is within us and, in our depths, we know that at some time we are destined to take the mystical trip to our inner Bethlehem, the birth place of our own higher Self.” ~ Hypatia Hasbrouck

Registration Required

Suggested Love Offering: $10 per class or $55 for all 6 sessions

Strongly encourage participants to have a copy of the book. Used books are available for purchase on Use Amazon Smile with Unity Christ Church as your charity and our spiritual community receives a financial gift.

Facilitated by Kevin Hudalla, Ministerial Intern