A Prayer for Unity

A Prayer for Unity

by Dr. Michael Obsatz

We’re all in this together

We need each other for support

So let’s start over with empathy

And learn to share, care, and forgive

We can pray for peace

And we must do our part

Protect those in need

And overcome selfishness

There is much to be done

And great suffering abounds

We must free the outcasts

And lift up the underdogs

We must overcome this virus

And move into health 

For all in our community

It is time to get real

Racism, classism, ageism, ableism

Sexism, heterosexism

No one is superior

When we are all one

The earth needs tender care

Let us be aware and mindful

Of global warming and pollution

With responsible stewardship

Let us remember our Creator

Who gives us all life 

And supports our every breath

As we keep fighting for justice

We are Unity Minneapolis

We are united in our purpose

To spread Divine Love

All over this planet

So let love guide our hearts

And heal our souls

As we come together in peace

And turn our prayers into action