Prayer for Community Peace

Following the verdict in the Chauvin trial, we share this Prayer for our Community.


Let us come together in prayer to acknowledge the Source that is comfort in suffering, the Source that forever summons our human community to justice, peace and forgiveness.  Almighty Love, you call upon us to love one another, and to bring mercy to those burdened with sorrow and grief. You have created us for community, diverse according to a grand design, so that we can only be whole together.

We come together in prayer to affirm that anger will not divide us from one another or turn us aside from our abiding purpose. 

Almighty Love, let every heart that lifts this prayer, by whatever name it calls upon you, be filled with divine peace.   From this moment forward, in word, spirit and deed, may it be our intention to know and be known as forgiveness, to know and be known as mercy, to know and be known as compassion, to know and be known as love. May we find the Divine peace that is within each of us so that we may create an abiding peace in the world that surrounds us.