A Message From the Board of Trustees

A Message From the Board of Trustees

Beloved members and congregants of Unity Minneapolis,

With the ever-shifting landscape and guidelines surrounding COVID-19, we, as your Board of Trustees, have been discussing how and when to reopen Unity Minneapolis for in-person services. And we’re sure this question is on your mind as well. Our first priority remains your safety and that of our staff. Therefore, we have decided that we will not reopen our sanctuary and services to in-person gatherings until September 6.

What are the benefits to returning to in-person church? First, let’s talk about why we believe in-person gathering is so important. While we have a livestreaming program that has been and will remain invaluable during this physical distancing period and beyond, we also know that our community is a relationship that requires nurturing and connection. Our collective spiritual energy reinforces individual spiritual growth and this energy is greatly enhanced when we are physically together. For those who are able to attend in-person, we need to find a way to bring back that experience.

How will we prepare between now and September 6? We will be developing a robust program of processes and protocols to reopen our church. This work will not be done in a vacuum – we will be using multiple sources of information to ensure we are considering all issues. This will include input from you, our staff, additional information from our government and medical professionals, and of course, guidance from Spirit. In the weeks to come, we will be engaging you for your thoughts and preferences regarding how in-person gatherings become a reality.

Might our plans change? We recognize for some of you September 6 may feel like a very long way off. For some of you, it may feel too soon. This is the world we’re living in – parameters for how to address “returning to normal” are very fluid right now and “normal” is being redefined in some cases. We know that as the days pass, more information will be available and we will use that to continue to work toward our target date. If we are able to move this date up, we will do so. Similarly, if we cannot openon September 6 in a way that upholds the safety of our congregation to the protocols we’ve developed we will postpone our opening. Either way, we are committed to staying in conversation with you to ensure you are fully informed of any changes. At this time, we believed it was important to establish a date for all of us to plan for.

How else will we connect? The decision to postpone opening until September 6 covers all of our in-person activities. This includes any Great Gatherings that were scheduled between now and September 6. We will communicate separately to hosts of Great Gatherings and those who registered to attend gatherings. That communication will be sent in the next two weeks.

We will continue with our wonderful Sunday morning services via livestream as well as classes, book studies, counseling, and other connection opportunities on Zoom during this time. We’ve had such good feedback from you regarding how important these are to you and how appreciative you are that we are continuing our mission in such a strong way.

Thank you for your continued love, prayers, and financial support. We are all in this together and we look forward to a time when we can support each other in person. Please know, dear friends, that we are holding you in our prayers.

Love and Blessings,
Rev. Pat and Board of Trustees