A Change Would Do You Good

Wednesday | June 26 | 7-8:30 PM

Why change yourself? Why change your circumstances? Why change your attitude, outlook, behavior? How do you cope with unexpected changes? There are numerous aspects of life over which we have little control. David Richo, in “The Five Things We Cannot Change,” says that everything changes and ends.

What blessings have you received from endings? What gifts have come from changes that you made, or that were made for you? This workshop involves sharing, writing, and learning to let go. Come and explore how life happens when we are making other plans.

$20 suggested love offering

Dr. Michael Obsatz

Facilitated by Dr. Michael Obsatz
Dr. Michael Obsatz is Professor Emeritus from Macalester College. Mike has been a therapist, workshop leader, men and boys’ group leader, film producer, and author. At Unity, Mike has presented the Father’s Day sermon 5 times, facilitated the Unity men’s group, and serves as a mentor to others.