yaduuuSS n ngdfsdfasass    Unity Minneapolis is meeting at Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ at 11:30 AM on Sundays
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you are welcome here.

Sundays at 11:30 AM
Join us in our beautiful sanctuary for our Sunday Celebration Services at 11:30 AM CT.

Our service is also livestreamed with ASL interpretation, and you can watch anytime on demand.
Stay up to date with events, classes, and workshops at our event calendar.
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Why Unity Minneapolis?
Experience a welcoming spiritual home where you can deepen your connection with Spirit and forge lifelong friendships. Our inclusive community offers a positive, practical, and diverse approach to everyday spirituality. With dynamic messages and uplifting music, our services leave you feeling uplifted and affirmed.

Experience the transformative power of Unity Minneapolis and embark on a journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual empowerment. Join our vibrant community that believes in the unlimited potential within you.

Youth & Family Ministries
Our Sunday morning experience is an incredible opportunity for children and teens to explore and nurture the spiritual aspects of their lives. Unity classes are designed for youth to learn, experience and integrate Unity’s Five Principles at age-appropriate levels.
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What do people say? 
Whenever I am in the twin cities area, I try to get to Unity of Minneapolis. Reverend Pat is very welcoming and always has a great Unity message. They also have an active bookstore well stocked with Unity and other new thought spiritual books.

Rick Y.

What an amazing community within that church. Relatable, inviting, welcoming, warm, knowledgeable, amazing music selection. My kids fell in love and asked to go every weekend. We will definitely be going every weekend.

Niki W.
YFM Parent

Wonderful church and open minded people with a good heart. THE MUSIC IS AWESOME. Added to Sunday service there are many activities and workshops. Great community, inclusive and positive. I started coming in 2015 and now became a member of Unity.

Johnathan C.

We are a vibrant, inclusive, prosperous spiritual community, inspiring and empowering the full expression of the Divine within through prayer, education, and service.