We’ve got BIG things happening at Unity Minneapolis!

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December 22: Otto and Associates were hired to complete our civil engineer review. They have completed on-site work for our property survey. Next up is a review of our preliminary design pertaining to site layout, grading, utility and drainage, water holding pond, code requirements, etc. We are seeking to better understand the pros and cons of the preliminary design.

Watch for additional strategic news in late January, 2020.

November 6: Facility Transformation Group is on pause while we seek a review of the preliminary site plan by a civil engineer. This review is necessary to fully understand the extensive changes we are considering for our property.

September 29: Community Meeting – watch the livestream recording of the meeting. Changes were made to the first facility design based on feedback received at Town Hall Meeting. Download revised designs below and give feedback or ask questions via email or “We Want to Hear from You!” section on this page. We want your feedback and suggestions.

  • This is not a final design. We are still early in the facilities transformation process.
  • This design has an EXPANDED LOT including the neighboring manse property that the church owns.
  • Our current building is 2 levels. This preliminary design moves dirt and adds retaining walls to create a ONE LEVEL BUILDING.
  • There is a RAISED ENTRY on the north side with stairs and elevator to the main level.
  • Current SANCTUARY REMAINS with accessibility improvements, the rest of the building is NEW CONSTRUCTION in this design.
  • ADDITIONAL PARKING wraps around the building.

August 25: Town Hall Meeting – watch the livestream recording of the meeting. Share your feedback or ask questions via email or “We Want to Hear from You!” section on this page.

June 23: Your perspective and inspiration is important as we explore the transformation of our facility. Please share your thoughts via the online comment section (look for “We Want to Hear from You” on this page) or add your comments to our drop-box at the Strategic News kiosk in the Garden Court. Together we can transform our facility to support the evolution of our spiritual community.

June 16: A Facility Transformation Group has been created to work with Vanman Architects and Builders. This 5 member team will meet with Angela Knodel, Vanman architect, twice a month beginning June 27.

Members are:

  • Rev. Pat Williamson, Sr. Minister
  • Margie Oleson, Board of Trustees Member
  • Nancy Maiello, Executive Director
  • Nea DallaValle, Congregant Member
  • Mike Smith, Congregant Member

Ministry and congregant “specialists” will also visit the meetings to share about the facility needs for our ministries and activities.

June 9: We have partnered with Vanman Architects and Builders to assist us as we move toward a transformed facility with full accessibility. Several architecture firms were interviewed last year and our Board of Trustees visited active construction sites. Vanman specializes in church renovation and building. During contract negotiation, we were blessed with pro-bono legal counsel from Faegre Baker Daniels. Learn more at: Vanman Architects and Builders

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