Upcoming – 12 Power Plays

Last Sunday of the Month | January 31 | 10:45AM CT | via Zoom

Power Play #1: Can You Imagine? 

On the last Sunday of each month, enjoy the new Power Play series during Hospitality Coffee Hour. Learn about one of the Twelve Powers and its relationship to leadership by watching a comedy sketch and engaging in some “imaginative” discussion.

The Absolutely Divine Acting Company, created by our Unity Leadership Development Team, will give you a peek inside one leader’s internal tug-of-war between ego’s cunning control instincts and Divine promptings.

This monthly series is designed to spark your awareness of how your built-in Twelve Powers can help you exercise your natural, Divinely driven leadership, whether in your personal interactions, in leading groups, or more broadly in transforming the world.  

Click HERE to join the Power Play Coffee Hour or use Meeting ID 891 1832 5125 at Zoom.us