Y+FM-Collage-283x300We understand that our Sunday morning experience may be one of the few opportunities each week for children and teens to explore and nurture the spiritual aspects of their lives. Classes are designed to develop a practice of meditation and prayer, learn about the many paths to Spirit, and create a loving and fun environment for our youth to feel their connectedness to God and to each other.

Our Youth Education program includes three customized programs:

  • Young Emerging Spirits (Y.E.S.): children, aged 3 years through 5th grade, meet at 8:15 AM, 9:45 AM, and 11:30 AM on Sundays.  NOTE: Y.E.S. at 9:45 AM only this summer (June 12-Sept 4)
  • Uniteens: our 6th, 7th and 8th graders come together at 9:45 AM or 11:30 AM each Sunday.  NOTE: Uniteens at 9:45 AM only this summer (June 12 – Sept 4)
  • Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.): teens, 9th – 12th grade, meet Sundays at 9:45 AM or 11:30 AM.  NOTE: Y.O.U. at 9:45 AM only this summer (June 12 – Sept 4)