Youth Bridging Celebration

Bridging Foot Steps


Sunday | June 3
Rite of Passage: an important event marking passage from one stage of life to another.
Join us as we honor the past year in our youth ministry.  Cake will be provided after both services in Friendship Hall to celebrate and acknowledge our young people and our youth ministry volunteers.

Young Emerging Spirits (Y.E.S.) classrooms will “graduate” as part of youth education activities during 9:45 or 11:30 service.

Uniteen and Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) Bridging Ceremony is at 1PM in Fillmore Room.  Families and congregants come together to support our Y.O.U. graduate, 8th graders moving into Y.O.U., and 5th graders transitioning to Uniteens.  A potluck meal will follow the ceremony.